Bey Bee 3 Way Baby Carrier Bag, Salmon Rose

Bey Bee 3 Way Baby Carrier Bag, Salmon Rose

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Brand:Bey Bee
Product Code: BB-1100
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Life's little stories bloom with coming of the little one in your life. It completes your life with many joys of parenthood. At Bey Bee, we endeavor to weave the little stories into our products with an emphasis on child safety and enrichment of features. Lets your baby discover the world from the lap of luxury. They are comfortable nests that accompany your baby on tours through the city streets and country roads. Ergonomically designed to ensure your baby is always comfortably supported. So that your little one gets the comfort that's next only to the warmth of your lap. Conceived with care and made using the latest marvels of science, all Bey Bee products undergo multiple quality checks before they are dispatched to the buyer.

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  • Bey Bee - a new and high quality baby carrier
  • 3 Carry positions - inward facing, outward facing, inward facing seat and outward facing seat style
  • 3 Belts - 2 shoulder belts and one waist belt for superior lumbar support
  • Removable and adjustable hard board support with air holes, to provide protection and support to the baby's head and back
  • Adjustable side opening buckle, to ensure safety
  • Easy adjustable wide padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh fabric lining, for the parent's comfort and convenience
  • Cushioned armholes, for the baby's delicate arms
  • Cushioned leg opening, for the baby's comfort
  • Adjustable side opening buckle, to ensure safety
  • Front pocket, to carry essentials
  • Instructions Included