Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet - Small (Salmon Rose)

Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet - Small (Salmon Rose)

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Brand:Bey Bee
Product Code: BB-1011-IV
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  • Key features: Waterproof, soft-porous fabric, lightweight, bacteria/dust mite resistant and anti-allergic
  • Holds water upto 8 times its weight
  • Also air vapour breathable, durable and absorbent
  • Meant for specially for babies wetting the bed
  • Wash instructions: Hand/machine wash with water temperatures ranging between 30° to 60° C
  • Care instructions: Wash this product with mild detergent or soap before the first use

Bey Bee is a comfortable fabric mat with an extra dry layer to prevent bed wetting. Also, baby's skin breathes better, enjoys cottony softness, and is kept moisturized against friction. Give your baby the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer periods. "Bey Bee" prevents urine and other liquids from going down and dries faster as the fabric layer promotes the removal of water vapor. It allows moisture to pass through, thereby giving comfort to the skin. It is an alternative to PVC mats, rexine-sheets, rubber-sheets & under-pads, which might be uncomfortable, un-breathable and may cause perspiration. "Bey Bee" is soft, absorbent and water-proof, thus, making the mat usable for babies & adult also.

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