Bey Bee Hypoallergenic Baby Water Wipes for New Born Babies with Fliptop Lid, 80 Wipes

Bey Bee Hypoallergenic Baby Water Wipes for New Born Babies with Fliptop Lid, 80 Wipes

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Brand:Bey Bee
Product Code: BB-1155
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  • ndia 1st water wipes - purest water based wipes for new born babies (98 percent water)
  • Specially made for new born babies sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic certified - India's 1st hypoallergenic certified wipes by SGS
  • Alcohol free and paraben free certified wipes by SGS
  • Made-safe Australian certified
  • Dermatologically tested and toxic free Australian certified
  • Wipes with lid/fliptop cover
  • Wipes for moms and adults as well
  • Suitable from birth wet wipes

Bey Bee 98% Water Wipes is baby’s healthy growth and the happiness of mother and family through advanced research and development innovation. Bey Bee has worked tirelessly to develop beneficial maternity and baby care products for easy, enjoyable use. Our expertise and dedication to progress are always at your service. As your baby's skin is extremely delicate, it is necessary to change diapers as soon as they become wet to prevent diaper rash. Use mild baby wipes to clean the skin area and then, thoroughly dry the skin. Bey Bee 98% Water Wipes’s Baby Wipes are silky soft to gently clean and moisturize baby's delicate diaper area. wipes for babies, wipes combo, wipes for baby low price, wipes combo, wipes for face, wet wipes antibacterial, wipes amazon pantry, wipes adults, wipes and diaper combo, wipes antibacterial, wipes baby, wipes box, wipes baby, wetty wet wipes baby, wet wipes baby, wipes, wetty premium wet wipes, wipes combo pack, baby wet wipes combo offers, wipes case, baby wipes combo offers, wipes dispenser, wipes dispenser box, wipes dispenser for baby, wet wipes dispenser, wipes dove, wipes empty boxes, wipes epique, wipes for babies s, wipes for babies, wipes girls, wipes glass, wipes, baby wipes offer, baby wipes

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