Bey Bee Baby Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet - Small (Purple)

Bey Bee Baby Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet - Small (Purple)

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100% waterproof bed protector sheet

Pure cotton with membrane laminated

Ultimate allergy protection, superior protection against bed-wetting

Soft, safe and skin-friendly fabric

Easy and quick to wash

“Bey Bee” Dry sheet is an agreeable texture tangle with an additional dry layer to counteract bed wetting. Likewise, an infant's skin inhales better, appreciates cottony delicateness, and is kept saturated against rubbing. Give your child the opportunity to appreciate the continuous rest for the longer period. “Bey Bee” dry sheets keep different fluids from going down and dry quickly as the texture layer advances the evacuation of water vapor. It enables dampness to go through, along these lines offering solace to the skin. It's delicate, spongy and water-proof, along these lines making the tangle usable for babies and grown-up moreover.

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