Bey Bee  Modern Baby Bath Tub (Blue)

Bey Bee Modern Baby Bath Tub (Blue)

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Brand:Bey Bee
Product Code: BB-1079-B
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  • Material: plastic. Brand new and high quality
  • Duration: Baby bath tub is suitable from birth up to 12 months
  • Purpose: Use in the bath, shower, kitchen sink or on the floor
  • Standard: Conforms to International Standards of Safety & Hygiene. Kids can get a lot of environment and learn at the same time
  • Carefully Design: Great alternative to traditional baby bath tubs. The bath tubs has an ergonomic design with rounded edge and ample space
Bey Bee bath tub allows your baby to bathe in a safe and ergonomical space. This attractive coloured bath tub is just at the right size for moms to bathe their baby comfortably without slipping down. The contoured design of the bath tub keeps baby in place and is compact for travelling and to stow in luggage. The bath tub has as ergonomic design with rounded edges and ample space for baby to comfortably fir in and enjoyable bath tub.

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